Cedar Shingles and Shakes

Cedar shingles provide an eco friendly, high performance roofing solution.

Cedar's light weight, dimensional stability and straight grain properties make an exceptional material for manufacture of shingles and shakes. Cedar shingles can be used both for roof and wall coverings. Under normal weather conditions found in the UK, cedar shingles have a long lifetime through self preservation from naturally occurring fungitoxic extractives. In climates of very high rainfall, the extractives can leach from the cedar and reduce the lifespan of the cedar shingle roof to around 10 years. Shingles exposed to a extreme rain fall environment should receive additional preservation treatment.

Western Red Cedar shingles exhibit a much higher insulation value than any other alternative material. A higher roof insulation value, makes a shingle roof more cost effective to heat through the winter months whilst helping to keep a building cool in the summer. This roofing method has been used in Canada and North America for many decades as cedar shingles are known to with stand the most extreme weather and winds of up to 284mph!


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